Earlier last week, I asked Oppo to help me out with some suggestions for which car should be my mom's next daily driver. I mentioned a very-OPPO-approved car to her jokingly, but yesterday, she actually went in for a test drive!

The car in question is a 2014 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution MR in Cosmic Pearl Blue like the one pictured below:

I wasn't present at the test drive since I am still at school. But here is a summary of her thoughts of the car:

What she liked:

- The acceleration: She said it was the quickest car she had ever driven.

- The braking responsiveness.

- Exterior styling: Okay I know this one's debatable here on Oppo, but I agree with her that the Evo is a very good looking car even though this generation has been around since 2008.


What she said was "tolerable":

- The ride: I wasn't there on the test drive, but from what I can imagine, this thing with its sport suspension must be pretty rough to sit in. Nonetheless, she said it was "tolerable" so that's a good sign.


What she didn't like:

- "The interior is crap."

- The rear seats don't fold down.

- The trunk/boot is small.

- "The interior is seriously worse than the interior in our CR-V. How are they charging $37K for a car with this interior?"


Overall, my mom likes certain aspects of the car, but is unsure if it's the right car for her due to the practicality and build quality. However, she still hasn't ruled out the possibility of buying one (fingers crossed). She's going to visit a Volvo and a Subaru dealership next weekend.

...But I really want her to get this one. I want to know more about this car before I go in to see it. Right now, I don't know very much about Evo X MRs, except that they're fast and they have some high-tech center diff. Does anyone on Oppo have any experience with Mitsu's/Lancers/Evos? Are they reliable and relatively inexpensive to maintain compared to other cars in the price range? Convince my mom this is a good/bad idea.


Thanks Oppo