As many of you know, my son wrecked his truck and needs a new vehicle. I looked at a Honda CR-V before I left for Italy. It is a one owner car in great shape, EXCEPT one of the filthiest interiors I have ever seen that smells like a Siousxe and the Banshess show in 1986 (mostly clove cigarettes). But its leather seats and Oppo feedback that the small can be Svended, I am trying to lowball this purchase. I told him I was interested, and would contact him once I get home. This happened in the last 24 hours.

First, he knocked $600 off the price, $3900 from $4500. When I looked at the car, he said he would take $4200. My guess is the smell is scaring people off. Next, I got this:

I am beginning to think this could work out to be a deal. What do you think, Oppo?