So this weekend I had the SAAB fiasco during my quest for a new daily driver to go along with my Miata. Since that one did not work out as planned, I looked at a couple more options and have some thoughts on what I have seen thus far.

First, I did end up looking at the Saabaru in Fremont, CA (met in San Jose). The car truly was as clean as the seller purported and I could only find a couple of small scratches around. The paint is in EXCELLENT shape though overall. Even had a proper coat of wax on it so it felt proper as well. Mechanically, it of course has the reported head gasket leak (although I would have never known if not for the inspection!). But I did observe the very stiff clutch, bad brake rotors, and potentially soft shocks. This car was proposed by the seller a final price of $8000.


The second car I went to look at was a 2006 Subaru WRX. So mechanically, it is exactly the same car as the Saab. The interior is slightly less nice in the Subaru and the exterior is mildly different as well. Honestly though, I liked that the Subaru was a little noisier even though it was actually closer to stock! Unfortunately though, the body is much less nice than the ad shows. Interestingly about the mileage though is that everything wrong with the Saab has been fixed (with receipts) and it was at 40k miles in 2014. Meaning it was driven 100k miles in just over 2 years! Anyways, Idk if I can stomache the $9500 price considering the amount of dents of scrapes all over the car. It has quite a few along with faded paint on the bumpers and a good amount of paint chip correction all over the place. He does have the stock wheels at least and it is mechanically 100% stock aside from a suspension lift, upgraded radiator, and slotted brake rotors. Nothing too crazy.

And last but not least is an ‘06 STI that I just found. It is 100% stock and listed for $13500 firm. Yeah its a bit more expensive and its not a hatch. But it is WAY cleaner, has 136k miles, and one owner. Seems to be if the PPI works out, I REALLY want to buy this car. It has very few cosmetic issues, head gasket and timing belt has been replaced, and everything else should be in order. Most importantly, its always been stock aside from a catback exhaust which has since been removed. So its a clean slate for me to enjoy!


It will be two weeks until I can purchase anything, but I can say for sure I really dont want the Saab. Too many questions. I dont really want the red subaru, too rough of a body for the price. But an STI is wayyyy more special so I am highly interested in that. We shall see how the PPI goes!

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