But I did learn one thing: my wife HATES these Camry coupes. She normally doesn’t give two shits about cars. You can see the pain in her eyes when I blather on about the allroad or the Paseo. Extreme indifference. But when I told her last week that I wanted to buy that Purple 377k-mile SE Coupe I posted on here, she actually had an opinion:

“That car... is SO ugly, and it’s automatic? This is nothing like any of the other cars you like!”

Just so you all know, my wife went from “you should buy something nice and safe and maybe automatic” to “you should buy something you love so you can keep it instead of selling it every year and shopping for cars all the time.”

This is totally unfair. Yeah I’ve bought six vehicles in the last six years, sold five of them, sold my last car after just five months of ownership but... Where was I going with this again?