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With the death of the Evo we went car shopping today. Checked out Carmax so we could see a bunch of cars at once. My wife wants a 6 seater for kid duty. It pains me greatly. SUVs and Minivans. We did check out the Ford Tranist Connect though and she didn’t hate it. Kind of funky and interesting. Carmax was great and the staff was friendly and helpful. We then went to a couple of local dealership and they were polite, but slow! Like painfully slow.

Illustration for article titled Car Shopping

Sadly, I wasn’t able to convince her that a Porsche was the way to go. She is still unaware of the 1990 Mini that is slowly making its way here from Japan. That will restore balance to the Force. She also mentioned that I could sell our 2005 Mini and get an STi, but I deferred that as two car payments is not a situation that I want to be in right now.

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