ehh just the Pittsburgh new car one, nothing special. Some interesting pics then my thoughts.

No, you are not.

Also, is toyota advocating DWI? Or am I misinterpreting that?

If this was really seventies inspired, the color choices would be much worse. I would still rock it, cool build.


Yea, we don’t get much that’s really cool. Focus RS wasn’t even there.

1. Interiors have gotten really good. I liked everything there. As a consequence, nothing really stands out, the luxury cars didn’t really feel all that much nicer because the budget cars were so nice. Also nothing really stood out as unique, but I will forgive it because of the quality. BMW 7 series still wins.


2. Welcome to the age of dumb luxury features. The new lincoln continental has an auto opening/closing trunk. Not some big monstorous hatch, just a trunk lid. That is going to break at some point. I can’t be bothered to close my trunk because I am a fat american.

3. Low tier cars come pretty well equipped anymore. Heated seat all the things.

Bonus doggo