There were other good things, but I was preoccupied with the nightmare puppy. Also trying to get a good photo with that much foot traffic was pretty much a waste of time. I’m sure another oppo that attended probably has loads of photos to share.

There was an entire block for Porsche — which is great if you like every conceivable trim level of a modern 911. Would you like the GT3RS or perhaps the bbqcarrera4bsquared?

Some guy in a Corvette C7 almost spun out trying to leave in dramatic fashion. He pulled out in front of a Rav4 doing so. Oh there was also a C5 that was completely covered in “carbon fiber.” It did not look very legit.


A small child tugged my puppies ears and pulled her head. I was this close to punting him like a football. Fucking mom didn’t take the hint to, you know, pay attention.

There was a 16 year-old driving a new Bentley Whatever, but they wouldn’t let him in. The look on his face indicated that “no” was not a familiar concept.

A nice lady felt my struggles and gave the dog a treat and a pet, and was calm instead of fawning all over her.


Another guy in a Lotus went on about if he had gotten there earlier, the gate guy said they would have totally let him in. The person listening did not seem convinced.

Other things happened but I think I’m done. I parked my plebmobile in front of its vague descendent, though.