Sunchaser is washed and waxed. The convertible top cleaner worked really well on the targa, and on the leading edge above the windshield, where the cloth gets really dirty. I will put the cover on it before I leave this morning. I really appreciate the cleaning product feedback from you Opponauts; it feels like a never-ending quest of discovery to get the perfect clean.

I get on a plane tomorrow for a speaking engagement in Reno for the Western Organic Dairy Producers Association conference. I am doing two sessions, one on general labor issues and one on immigration. I return on Thursday, and leave with Toby Friday morning for SoCal and Radwood. The family is meeting me Friday evening, a day of museums Saturday, and Radwood Sunday. I am taking the day off Monday to drive home.


Winter has come to the San Joaquin Valley, and with it our very dense Tule fog. You cannot see in it, and massive pileups are common. They tell you to drive with your windows down and radio off so you can hear crashes ahead, which I have always found to be not very comforting advice.