Car spotting at the horse race

Yesterday, I spent the day at the Virginia Gold Cup. The day is filled with horse races, terrier races, wine tasting, fancy hat contests, and the like. It’s all very chic. But half the fun is seeking out the interesting cars that turn up.

This Rolls-Royce Wraith was probably the highest-priced car of the day. I’d prefer it in Smoky Quartz Metallic, but it was still a looker.


...and it had the optional crystal Spirit of Ecstasy.

This Lexus IS300 SportCross was an unexpected find.

Advertisement was this ‘62 Corvette.


Some of the hats were pretty out there.


And some people decided to bring their collection of taxidermy.


I’m a sucker for any generation of the CL.


All in all, a fantastic Saturday! Anyone else spend the day at the races?

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