Might start a weekly posting of all the cars I have seen and photographed here in Norway over the week. Just an idea, will see how it flies, if I have time. I see so many cool and rare cars around here, many Norwegians have money and aren't afraid to spend it.

70-72 El Camino, I couldn't get to see the front to know exactly which year. Someone was banging angrily from inside the house on the window as I took this photo, not happy with me I guess taking photos of their house, so I knew not to step into their driveway. But really, don't want people taking photos of your house? Then don't park what is a fairly rare car over here right in front of it! Also a boring 90's S-10 Blazer... meh.

Newer Jeep, '67 Camaro, and another 90's S-10 Blazer (GM sold a lot of those here), also Jaaaag.

Then around back as I was turning around there was this cool old Buick, 80's Electra, I think? Nope, late 70's Le Sabre!


I might try to start posting up some more "Car Spotting Norway" on weekends. All three of these were just yesterday, I see and photograph cool cars all the time around here.