The wife and I walked about 10 miles in the city this weekend. She enjoyed the buildings I enjoyed the rides. This was the only pic I have because I was pushing a stroller most of the time. But during my day and a half of car-spotting I noticed some interesting trends. First, New Yorkers love their ///M cars, I saw at least 20 (most of which were of the current gen M5, M6, GrandCoupe variety). However, I did not see too many AMG models, which I thought was odd. Speaking of Mercedes, the new S550 is everywhere, once I hit 30 I stopped counting because I realized they must be high-end limos. I saw about a half-dozen Teslas and just one Karma. I did not see any of the new Nissan cabs. I also witnessed a DTS Caddy totally rear end a 4 Runner at an intersection. That Cadillac got seriously messed up, the hood crunched in and it started leaking oil everywhere. The owner of the Toyota got out, looked at his bumper, didn't see a scratch and drove off, boy those trucks are tough. That's it nothing super rare or noteworthy.