Car Stereoppos - I need you!

Hi all....shoutout to anybody who knows anything about car audio.

I’ve been thinking of ordering a replacement single-DIN head unit for my car that has Bluetooth functionality so I can start using my phone while driving with handsfree when need be rather than having to pull over. As my side gig is doing computer repair on the weekend and evenings when I am not teaching, I often get calls while I am driving where I have to listen to people talk about their issues and it wastes a lot of time when I have to pull over for 10 minutes to talk to them on my way to or from other gigs.

I’m curious if anybody has any recommendations? Cheaper is better and I don’t mind installing it myself at all, but if an adapter kit is available for my car (2009 Hyundai Accent hatchback) to make things like speakers more plug and play and easier for me to get working, that would be helpful.

The car just has the factory speakers in the front and similiar-to-factory replacement speakers in the rear that I had installed last year when the OEM ones blew out.

Anybody have any suggestions for a cheap, reputable BT-capable single-DIN unit? I don’t care about options. CD capable would be nice as I still have a few kicking around I use once and awhile. Aux. input would be a requirement too.

Cheers! :)


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