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Car Stolen, and retrieved, have some questions

Hi, Oppo friends. My girlfriend had her car stolen sometime between Sunday night and Monday morning. 2003 Impala LS (3.8l). The police found it last night in a seedy neighborhood that borders our neighborhood. We got it back with (so far) no obvious damage. The ignition isn’t visibly damaged, so we have no idea how the hell they stole it. She did note this morning on her way to work that the cruise no longer works.

(example picture of interior)

This story got huge attention in local news, she’s a teacher and a lot of her supplies were in it (and now gone), supplies she had bought with her own money. For a school in an economically challenged area. The outpouring of support has been amazing! We will be getting at least $500 from donors, maybe even $1000 (and also people donating school supplies). We’ll probably replace the supplies, buy some winter coats for a few kids that need them and pay the rental car bill.


They smoked in the car, it reeks. There was evidence of a few dime bags. They emptied the interior. But for some reason they still left the snow brush, one of their cd’s, a phone charger and my Leatherman (~$80 value).

A few question for you car experts:

  • I imagine I should have a mechanic look at it? Especially to correct the cruise control and anything else they may have done to be able to start the car.
  • Do any of you know how they might have gotten it started?
  • Do you guys have any recommendations for an inexpensive/effective way of deterring/preventing theft?

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