It looks like I’m headed to the City of Angels for a mission trip in June. While most of my time will be spent serving thee Lort, I’ll have a Saturday afternoon and evening (June 4th), to have some fun. I’ve only ever been through LA before. I’ve never stayed, so I’m pretty clueless about the area. But I have a few ideas.

1. Rent something (anything) with a manual and drive through “the canyons,” wherever that is. I hear legends about rental STs, and if they exist, LA will surely have them.

2. The Peterson.

3. Just find a parking lot meet somewhere and take some pictures.

What are your thoughts, ye Californians? (Steeeewar-!?) Will I be able to drive the canyons, or will I be stuck in traffic trying to get there? The ministry I’ll be working with is in Echo Park, just a block from the 101, which I can take to the 2. Is it worth going to The Peterson for a few hours, or will I only make myself miserable because I couldn’t be there all day? Do you have other ideas for a near-penniless missionary?