Suggest me some option(s). My situation is possibly changing:

1) I currently commute 100 miles a day. It is set to go up to 135/ day. So MPG is one of the reasons for the post.

2) Currently I drive rural highways, 95% void of traffic. Infact, I average 25.5 - 26 mpg in my grand Marquis. Because its pretty much a incident free drive. The new drive will be thru Houston down town. Infact it’ll be 95% freeway. Some of the worst ones. So I am looking following options:

- Auto cruise control.

-don’t care for FWD / RWD.

Kinda don’t care for the car size, but occasionally I’ll have 2 car seats one booster seat in the rear. This si where he car size kinda becomes critical.

Total MSRP not too exceed 20k, that being I said I can find some examples for 14k.

The few options I have been ;looking at so far are:

- Used Lincoln MKZ hybrid

- Used Avalon Hybrid

- USed 2016 Passat SE with tech

- CPO MB E-250 (kinda pricey to buy and pricey to maintain long term)

I need more options.