Car Suggestions?

I’m down to 3 cars from 7 about a year ago and it feels great since something was always broken. But I find myself without a car I can easily drive back and forth to LA or loan out to friends when they are in town. I’ve been using the G550 for that duty, but it’s really not great especially for the long drive down the 5 where the wind noise is pretty harsh. And since it’s out of warranty broken things can be expensive.

So I find myself in need of a 4th car to do that duty. Here are my requirements:

1. 4 Seats, with back ones big enough for adults. Coupe slightly preferred since the backs are used less, but 4 door acceptable.


2. Enough oomph. Doesn’t have to be the fastest car on the road, but at least faster than the G550. And needs to sounds decent.

3. Fits in my SF garage. The M6 GC barely fit and couldn’t go in my 2nd spot. It needs to probably be less wide/long than the M6 GC. To go in the second spot the track has to be under 65". Not critical that it fits in the second spot but way more convenient.

4. Decent autonomous functions. In particular lane holding and definitely automatic cruise control. Preferably with the ability to brake all the way down to a stop in traffic.

5. 36/10k lease payment under 1000$.

I’m driving the following this weekend:

1. Audi S5 Sportback

2. E400 Coupe

3. Volvo S90 (really because a friend wants to drive it)

4. Cadillac CT6 (with Super Cruise)

Was really interested in the 440i Gran Coupe but BMW’s autonomous features are surprisingly terrible outside the 7 series.


Any thoughts Oppo?

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