Car Suggestions - Conclusions

A couple of months ago I wrote this post:


Of course I ended up with exactly none of the things I expected. Instead I got a low-mile 2011 XK-R. Just randomly appeared on the Jag used car lot when I was helping a friend test drive an XC60. They are a ridiculous performance bargain. Had no idea they have 500HP.

Thoughts on the things I test drove:

1. Audi S5 Sportback. I HATE HATE HATE the iPad-on-dash look that so many manufacturers are doing right now, but I did like the way this drove. Not enough autonomous features for a brand new car however. And they quoted me a lease price that Jalopnick’s own Tom McParland reacted to as “bonkers”. Not in a good way.


2. E400 Coupe. Amazing seats. Super comfortable. Nice to drive. Also drove the ‘vert. If I were 60 I probably would have bought that. Or if the E53 was out yet that would be interesting. Also drove the C43 coupe and convertible but those were far too decontented for the price.

3. Volvo S90 (really because a friend wants to drive it). Didn’t have one to drive, but the new Volvos are very very nice.  My friend bought herself an XC60 hybrid and honestly it’s a lot of car for the money.


4. Cadillac CT6 (with Super Cruise). This car is very nice and the Super Cruise is the best autonomous system I have ever used. This includes Tesla. Just amazing. It needs to be in more Caddys. I told the dealer that if they made and ATS-V with the Super Cruise there would be no contest which car I would buy. Unfortunately GM is holding this tech back for some reason.

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