So last week I posted about my grandfather and his wife, who were looking to replace her awful Lexus CT200h with something less-bad. After spending a frustrating day with her looking for replacements, we came up with a few cars, mostly different from what was originally suggested. None of them are really that similar to eachother. At. All.

Here’s the official list (in no order) - they’re making a decision sometime this week.

Audi Q3: She loves how it feels to drive. Like most Audi’s I’ve been in, it’s super planted and feels very sturdy. The interior is well put together and the seating position works well. The main complaints are that it doesn’t have memory seats (my grandfather claims he needs this), the headrests in the back don’t come down, and the wiggle room on price isn’t much, given the fact they’ve been out for like a month.

Volvo V60 Cross Country: It feels safe, it drives great, and she loves how the headrests just fall right down. We originally looked at the S60, but she likes the rear wiper and having the additional height. The Volvo Dealer is currently doing renovations and they’re practically giving the cars away. They can do (from what I remember) ~$5,000 off S60 Drive-e and ~$3,500 off V60 Cross Country. However, it still comes in as the most expensive out of them all.


Buick Encore: The weirdo choice that seemingly works really, really well. It’s got the height she decided she wants, and the length she wants. It drives well (it’s super slow, but she’s been driving a CT200h, so...), and it’s pretty comfortable. It comes in at around $7,000 less than the Q3 and $9,000 less than the Volvo. However, she stated that it doesn’t feel nearly as substantial as the other choices (aka it doesn’t feel like it’s built like a tank). Surprisingly, there isn’t much wiggle room on these in terms of pricing.