My grandfather was robbed in the late 1970s by a group of armed men. They took the contents of the safe, jewellery, and the lives of his beloved guard dogs. He became so paranoid that he secretly bought and moved into another apartment up the road, believing it necessary to buy an identical 635CSi just to occupy his old parking space in order to fool people into thinking he still lived there. My mother and her siblings were not allowed to return home after school, instead they had to remain in the old apartment until he, under the cover of darkness, would clandestinely drive them all back to the new one.

My grandfather only ever bought a car if it had two doors and was a BMW. He even thought Mercs were far too flashy. To be seen in anything Italian would be, to him, the most uncomfortable statement of arrogance imaginable. He, in his time, owned: 2x BMW 2002 tii (one in Orange, one in yellow), BMW 323i, 2x BMW 325i, 3x BMW 635Csi (One in champagne, two in dark blue). Oh, and he had four kids.

I thought that that was worth sharing. Have any of you got any funny car stories?