I went to a meeting yesterday with a farmer, his attorney, my client, and me. I called the attorney (who is also a friend who has a beautiful Kirkham Cobra), and let him know I was running late. He daid no problem, and told me where he was, which was quite a ways behind me. He caught up to me as I arrived at the farmer’s office, which was pretty remarkable.

At the start of the meeting, I mentioned it, and he laughed. He said he had driven abouut 100 mph the whole way. He was in some recent vintage big-ass BMW that I could not identify, because I find them boring and think they all look the same (sorry BMW Oppos). I am pretty sure it was a 7 series.

I do dig his Cobra, which looks like this.


Then the farmer started talking about some crazy fast trip in his Challenger Hellcat, and his lawyer started talking about scaring Priuses in his Cobra. I didn’t have much to say.

I think this is a dumb car.


I love a 150cc scooter that gets to 55 mph on a good day, and a 4 cylinder Toyota with a speedo that goes to 85, and put out MAYBE 100 hp when it left the factory 35 years ago. I am not going anywhere fast, and I think it is borderline psychotic to drive 100 mph on public highways.

Guys who compare horsepower kind of annoy me, because what good is it in the end? I would be terrified if I saw that Hellcat or big BMW bearing down on me at 100 mph in my little Sunchaser.


Don’t get me wrong, I have certainly enjoyed some fast, powerful cars, but I think the overall driving experience is the key. The best driving car I have ever owned was an RX-8, not because it was fast, but because it was a damn razor blade and so much fun to drive. I still miss driving that car in the twisties. But I love driving the Sunchaser for reasons that have nothing to do with peformanance, as alas, it does not perform.

If you have Hellcat bros all about horsepower at one end of the spectrum, and me who couldn’t care less about it at the other end, where do you fall?


[If you love big horsey numbers, I still love you. I just won’t be able to keep up. ;)]