Car Thieves Suck

I was talking to an elderly neighbor of mine that I check up on to see if she needs anything( plus she owns a very clean '99 E300 Turbodiesel a very jalop car) and her friend mentioned that a white mitusbish was stolen the other night from a neighbor.

I know the car, it was a very clean and very tuned white Evo. I had spoken to the owner when he still had his STi and he said he was selling the STi for an Evo. She said he had saved up for some time to buy the car and to have it stolen right from under him is horrible. He couldn't park it in the garage since it already had two cars in it.


She said she saw three people dressed in black around the car early in the morning but didn't really think much of it because a lot of people in our town home development work odd hours and it wasn't until a Sheriffs deputy knocked on the door did she realize that they stole the car. The deputy also mentioned a second Evo was stolen the same night a couple of miles away.

I bet the guy was targeted because it was an Evo. I doubt they will find the car or if they do it will probably be stripped. Man that sucks.

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