Car things

I just discovered there is a car detailing supply shop not far from me. Pricey but its all chemical guys stuff. I bought some spray for the fallout, a claybar and a ceramic/soap combo wash.


Also, I have an update on the CV saga with the GX (dealer inspected before a trip and okayed the CV’s. No tears) I inspected them and they were cut and had been for a while). The dealer said they would eat the labor. It’s about all I was comfortable with in the ask. so now if I can find a good OE axle for less than dealer prices I will get that sorted out. Still want new front springs but those can wait until I can do them myself.

I also treated myself to a new pair of yakima 1A towers for the spare bar I had.  Now I’ll have 4 crossbars.  Eventually I will tie them together and grid them out for a hodgepodge rack that will suit my needs fine.  

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