So the Honda Bro’s post inspired me to scour my local craigslist to add on to the long list of non automotive project parts I have.

I’m a masochist for too many projects, but I found this nice tailgate that will most likely become a trunk/coffee table. I will have to figure out a way to keep the handle’s functionality too. It’ll probably be repainted (maybe plastidip). I’m picking it up after work!


I also found this (not so old) Nissan sign that I think will make a good bar top that could have a layer of resin added to make it flat and complete it with a couple gear lever beer taps? Any thoughts on how I could really flesh out this idea? I’m waiting to hear back but it is just the next town over so I think it’ll be mine too.

I’m also looking for good ideas for old steel wheels or steering wheels?

I’m a huge fan of TractorPillow’s coffee tables and want to create more stuff, some of which is documented here.

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