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Car Timeline - OK i'll bite

I lucked out and did not require a car in my college years (walk-able city) so I jumped straight into questionable choices.

2013 Scion FR-S (MT) - owned for 55K miles, got me into all things cars and track days.


2007 BMW Z4M - wanted something a bit more unique that could push me back into the seat, plus DIY capable. Very much enjoying it

To make this more fun I’ll also include my wife’s choices as she has truly evolved into a gear head.

2011 Toyota Prius - lease for 3 years, is car can confirm. Do miss the practicality and ability to blend in.


2014 Hyundai Elantra Coupe - owned a single year, terrible infotainment layout and no idea why she opted for a 2-door instead of 4-door.


2015 BMW 228i MSport (MT) - factory order car, what a joy to drive and a future enthusiast spec buy no doubt. Hurt to let this one go


2017 Miata ND RF (MT) - First time the wife proclaimed “I get it, I get why you are into cars”. Her pride and joy.


As you can see, meeting me sent my wife (then gf) down a path to greatness much to the demise of my bank account.

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