Musings pondered on a Christmas Eve 2016

The Daily: the bread and butter of your commute

This should be reasonably efficient, have a low cost of ownership and of all things, be comfortable and not get in the way of your commute (read: no shitty transmissions or breakdowns). Less money spent here allows for the cars bought below.

The Fun Car: the weekend nirvana

The object of your affection. If you’re spending money on something that isn’t your daily, you’re freed from those silly parameters of efficiency and reliability. Buy the V8, if the mood strikes you right, buy something Italian; stop looking at spec sheets and drive something that puts a goddamn smile on your face.


It even comes in fire extinguisher red!

The Utility: the workhorse

When you’re not piloting to work or seeking enlightenment in curvaceous roadwork, chances are you’re gardening, renoing, towing, picking up the herd at school or exploring your dreams of life sized cargo tetris during the Chistmas season.


The Oddball: because you’re twisted

Because who doesn’t want a Morgan 3 wheeler, an Ariel Nomad or motorized unicycle? Maybe I’m just an Oddball.


The Conclusion: the resolution

We all put so much pressure on our cars to fit into a couple or all of these types but given lots of currency, I think we would all buy something from each of these. While it’s convenient that your Fun Car is also your Daily, when you pay for the fuel bill or it catches fire, it’s less than awesome. While it’d be awesome to drive an Ariel Nomad through a snowbank to work everyday, it’d be…. who am I kidding, that’d be fucking awesome; frostbitten testicles aside.


The harsh reality is that we often don’t have the funds to buy each car type for our arsenal and we need to blend our Types together. Time to crunch the numbers, compare the spec sheets and contemplate whether it’s more important to pay my mortgage or figure out whether to park the Nomad in the driveway or on the front lawn.