Since so many of y’all are constantly asking about my wonderful vehicles I figured I’d give you and update.

2015 Mazda 3: almost 90k miles and still doing well. The autozone brakes on the rear feel better than OEM and definitely produce less dust. Let’s see if I can get more than 45k out of these unlike the OEM pads

1979 F150: it’s ALIVE!!! You would know this if you were on the oppo slack channel because I posted a video as proof. All new fuel stuff from the tank to the carb with the exception of the carb itself which is way too big for my 302 but it runs fine so I can’t complain. Found my old carb for it and am going to try to rebuild it. I think it’s a 600 or 650 which is a much more appropriate size for the engine and accompanying mods.

The tank I replaced was actually in really good condition so that was a bit of wasted money. I think it had been replaced before judging by its condition. The fuel pump seemed fine as well but it may have had gunk in it from the old lines so I didn’t mind. All the fuel issues seem to stem from the old lines needing replacement.

Brakes need a little work. Possibly needs a new booster but definitely needs a new vaccuum line.


The big bummer was finding some bad rust on the body. It’s all fixable but the spot behind the cab will require removing the bed I fear.

1989 325is: still same. Needs a little brake work and the valves adjusted. Windshield needs replacing too. The crack has gotten bigger and I’d just feel better fixing that.


Got to drive the el Camino to pick up parts. Advanced auto seem to be staffed by people that never got past 3rd grade. They were baffled when I asked for fuel line/hose. They didn’t have any fuel pumps in stock but could get me one for $80 by late the next day. Said never mind and got some more drive time in. Autozone had everything I needed for under $60 and the guy helping me seemed to have enough knowledge to be a mechanic himself. The girl helping other customers seemed just as smart. Some guys in the parking lot waited for me to come out so they could ask some questions about the el Camino and hear me rev it some. Turbo 4s can be fun and fast but there’s something different about driving a big block v8 that other engines can’t compare to.


Mini review: the el Camino was definitely fast. It had surprisingly really good brakes. The front end felt heavy. You could tell there was a massive block of iron up front. I didn't get on it hard or drive crazy but I know it would do more than I would be willing to ask.