Car wash folly

I decided to go through a car wash with my truck today and when I got in line I was the third vehicle waiting. The first vehicle goes in an we all move forward. The lady in front of me gets out of her car and does her thing on the pad then gets back in and waits. Now this wash is automated and if you do the super duper deluxe wash it takes maybe 5 minutes to run its cycle. After a few minutes the car in the wash is finishing up and leaving but the door is not going up for the person in front of me. Weird.


I wait a bit then I hear the guy behind me honk since the wash is clearly empty but we are not moving. He honks again so I get out to talk to the lady in front of me to see what the issue is. Well, she couldn’t get her card to work and this wash is set up so everyone behind you needs to back up if you can’t go forward. And apparently she was the one honking but for some reason it sounded like it was coming from behind to me.

But seriously lady? You sat there for 5 minutes doing nothing, knowing your card didn’t work, then just honked your horn expecting something to happen? Shit happens, I get it, but once your card didn’t work the first thing you should have done is come talk to me and ask me to back up so you could get out. Were you just planning on sitting there until everyone gave up and back out? Just keep honking the horn until somebody does something?

Damn...that’s a lot of text for something so stupid.

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