Saw the above Ferrari, a black F40, a Holden-badged SS in a beautiful grey, three E46's—one of which was an M—a Tesla roadster and.... No one else. Literally only enthusiasts between 9:30 and 11:30pm. Going to the self-service car wash late at night was a fantastic idea.

Oh, and the whole reason I decided to go was because a buddy said my car was the first image in the Google results for that particular car wash. Huh. They got the picture I took when we had a couple inches of snow a week ago and I stopped at 1am to break the ice building up in my wheel wells

Well... Okay. I desperately needed to wash as well. Two mountain snow-drift adventures and about three months of regular driving might just be the longest I’ve gone without any kind of car wash. Disgraceful.

So, washed, waxed and vacuumed. Ready to tackle the next adventure and look good doing it!


Waxed and vacuumed.


I’ll squeegee the windshield tomorrow for that perfect streak-free clean. This is one of my favorite views. Seats, harnesses, rollbar, stickah.

Finished! First time going to one of these self-service places. Absolutely love it. I’m normally up late, and often decide to go on a drive just to chill out. Now I have a destination where I can enjoy some peace and quiet while accomplishing something, and possibly chatting with fellow enthusiasts as well. Win-win.