Car work is on hold. Time for IndyCar.

Going out to Mid-Ohio for the Honda Indy 200 and the Pirelli World Challenge. Hopefully some Ohio Jalops will be there! Buuuut...

After I get back, my heads should have the new seats in them (IT'S BEEN TWO WEEKS >:| ) and floor pans are being cut out and replaced, followed by brakes refreshed, underdash stuff, radiator & support installed, then engine installation. Then fuel tank/sending unit, followed by exhaust installation.


THEN INTERIOR. That should be fun: back seat and trunk wall installation, carpet, trim and dash stuff, seats, windshield, louvres, spoiler, THEN DRIVING. THEN DRIVING.

Oh, and I move out in 24 days. 4 of those days in Ohio, 2 of them at weddings, 1 of them doing rock climbing all day. I am terrible at time management. Plus the '66 is dry rotting away. If any Chicagoland Jalop wants to come by 9th or 10th, I would seriously be open to it. It's so hard to work on things when it's just me. :/


Here's my car in it's original color:

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