After I bought my 944, there remained a handful of cars to which I thought, “yeah, that would have been a little better for where I’m at.” Well one of them, a German one, a coupe one, an AWD one was listed on CL last week about 30 minutes away. So I’m sitting here like.

Let me list all the reasons now is a terrible time to try and jockey a sale of the 944 and the purchase of a different old German car:

Christmas - The season where you are supposed to...ahhh... give to others and stuff.


Traveling for Christmas - I leave for a week in less than a week.

It’s the middle of winter - “This most recent ice storm makes me really want an old Porsche” everyone thinks to themselves.

The 944 has a cracked dash and bolster wear that I haven’t gotten around to fixing but I know it’ll bump the sale ease and price.

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