Car You've Never Heard Of: The 1959-1960 Zar.

The Zar is a fascinating and obscure Canadian car whose origins are shrouded in mystery. This wasn’t some one-off custom car, but a car built by an actual company that intended to mass-produce the things. They/it were/was based on Fiat 600 mechanical components with a fiberglass body. No one knows how many Zars were built, but at least one survives. Around 2008, a man named Brent Meyers discovered the car and despite being unable to find any information about it, decided to restore it.


Since then, various people on the internet have been intrigued by it and slowly, fragments of the car’s story have been dug up. It appears that the company was started by a man named Leo Finnigan, and there are two theories as to why the company vanished. The first theory is that Leo Finnigan had a gambling problem and lost all the company’s money, and the other theory is that GM bought the company for $180,000 so they could use the fiberglass technology on the Corvette. A quote from a Road & Track magazine says that “Production planning is well under way for a fiberglass-bodied compact car to be built by Zar Car of Canada, Ld., Windsor, Ontario. The Zar will have an 83.5 inch wheelbase, weigh about 1500 lbs, and will carry a 4 cylinder 28 horsepower engine in the rear. Top speed will be 69 mph, and the price will run about $1500.”

More information about the car can be found here:

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