Here's a 458 for your trouble. Now, I have been struggling with a project bike for a while now and it's starting to get down to crunch time. I'm supposed to be taking it on a bike trip in July but it still looks like this and I haven't been able to get it to run right.


I have pulled the carbs apart, cleaned them, put them back together, the bike will start and run but still runs like shit. It surges at idle, doesn't like throttle, and all around runs like it's running lean.

I have a rebuild kit that I'd like to install sometime soon yet I assume that the carbs aren't totally clean yet. A coworker suggested I soak them in Pine Sol. Has anyone done this? I've seen it on a few different forums but I'm not totally sold on the operation.

My plan: remove and disassemble carburetors. Carbs will be torn down until all of the plastic bits that can be removed are. (Floats and diaphragm slides are the 2 big ones I'm worried about) Fill a bucket full of Pine Sol, top with water to cover carbs. Soak carbs overnight to loosen up any extraneous goo. Rinse carbs with carb cleaner, reassemble with new parts provided in rebuild kit (bowl gasket, pilot jet/spring/o-ring, float plug), reinstall, victory.