So I am new to this whole “trying to ‘daily drive’ a carbureted car” thing. How hard should this thing be to start? It was 18F (yes, I know, very balmy Chicago Oppos) this morning, the car had been sitting for 36 hours, and here was my starting sequence: (Automatic choke, fyi)

  1. Couple slow cranks to top off the bowl (probably not needed, but hey we’re trying new things!)
  2. Pump the gas five times
  3. Crank, catch, instantly die
  4. Repeat 2&3 about 4 times
  5. Eventually start at 1100 RPM and sputter its way up to starting RPM of 2000. (Settles at high idle after I blip the throttle)

An above freezing cold start usually looks like:

  1. Pump the gas 3-4 times
  2. Crank, catch, and die after a half second (about 50% of the time, otherwise skip to 4)
  3. Pump gas 1-3 times
  4. Crank, catch, run at 2000 RPM until I blip the throttle, when it settles to high idle (~1,100)


Does that sound about right? Or should I be adjusting something? The thing hot starts almost too well.