CarDomaining - "Can I Borrow The Scanner?" Edition

This week we have DragonVagita's 1984 Chevrolet S10 Regular Cab, the "Mexican Ride"

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Last week, we asked if a Honda Crosstour could be saved by a set of over sized aftermarket wheels. The results told me that 20% of you weirdos like rollerskates.

This week, we have DragonVagita from Gibson, GA.

In this thriving community of of 663 people, there's probably not a lot of things to offer. To be fair, I'm sure they have many different things, just not many of each. One gas station, one general store, bank, dry cleaners, etc.. This probably explains many things about DragonVagita's profile.

  • He couldn't track down the person with the one digital camera, and had to rely on the next best thing - the flatbed scanner at the real estate office.
  • Some of the photos are Polaroids (couldn't find the 35mm camera)
  • That earring

Often, these profiles don't include a description of the vehicle, so I have to make it up.


Not this time.

Page One: This is my truck when I first bought it. Now I have started sanding down & primering it, & put a taenul cover on it. & a spoiler off from a 88 Firebird. & a rollpan. This is it after I had put a 6"7" bel tech drop on it. & c-noch the frame. tinted the windows 2%. & new seats. I Plan on putting airbags on it next. & right now i have a 350 4bolt maine that i have been building to put in it.& 4:11 rear end gears.


page two: This is a side view to let you see how low i have it. I had to put a new gas tank in it & had to put it in the bed of the truck. b/c it's so low. I hit a little hump in the road & put a hole in the gas tank.I also painted a cross on the back just while it was primered & put 6 soundstorm tweeters in, 4soundstorm mids,2 15" rocksford fosgate subs, & two 1500 watt rocksford amps & a crossover. & it has 96 s-10 rims. This is were I started painting the truck I started with the taenul cover & put the cross back on it & put a 6" coew hood. I'm putting a desert sunset design on the tailgate. Then either some 15" 120spoke rims or some 17"assasins & I plan on shaving the doors, antena, gas tank door, tailgate, & the taillights & put caddilac lights in sideways on top of the tailgate. & sports mirrors then i should be about done then I'll sell it & start on my car. 71Mustang Mach1 351cleveland.


Look into his eyes. What do you see as they stare back at you? S-10 dreams.

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