This week we have dubstang's 1986 Pontiac Fiero FERRARI 355 SPYDER

Welcome to CarDomaning, the activity of searching the abandoned, left-for-dead CarDomain profiles that time forgot for interesting cars, projects, personalities, and images. …then posting them here.

Last week we featured a profile that was actually viewed over 100 times, which tells me I should start looking for more Ohio profiles.


Meet Dubstang. You can tell by the first two images in his gallery, that he knows where he's headed, and what is waiting for him when he gets there.


My question is, did he ever get there?

There are no shortage of photos of parts, and a few of work being done. Did he ever finish? Did he ever get the riches?


It must be harder than it seems, so let's give those a round of applause for completing their conversions.