Today we have Rikardur's 1972 Chevrolet Impala, "Pussy"

Welcome to CarDomaning, the activity of searching the abandoned, left-for-dead CarDomain profiles that time forgot for interesting cars, projects, personalities, and images. ….then posting them here.

Last week we featured a high-riser that not a single person commented on. Apparently, everyone feels the same way about the Lexus ES100 as Tarvis does.

This week's ride is another pump and dump profile page with photos I can can count on one hand. No details, no specifications. Shit, there's not even a reason to visit his profile at all.... - It's all right here.


How did I come up with the name of this edition? Because in Icelandic,"Mjög Jalop." means "Very Jalop," which truly this car is. But does that make it a good B or a bad B

What's there not to like? It's a Icelandic 4x4 1972 station wagon.

So Oppo, would your rock this ride or not?


For those of you that click on these expecting CarDomain models, Here's Miss world Iceland 2013, Sigridur Dagbjort Asgeirsdottir.


Who probably wouldn't be caught dead anywhere near this thing.