This week, we have cntwlk's 2007 Dodge Grand Caravan

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Last week, we featured a 323GTX, which may or may not smoke as much as the owner does, and we have no idea if either of them are still running.

This week's CarDomaining is inspired by Jeff Butler's post "Those blue lines mean no parking, bro" - a message to the worst kind of parking asshat.


Today's ride is an evolution. What was once a Braun Entervan with factory paint, and simple modifications (like wheels, underglow, factory paint, and a fart can) has become a bold, orange champion - showing that sometimes all it takes in an accident for the owner to go all in.

Rice to Nice in one easy insurance settlement.

Here are some of the before shots.


And here is the accident. That bittersweet accident. The day the bodyshop said, we're going to have to repaint three panels. And the day Cntwlk said.. "Not so fast, I have a better idea"


And after.

Now with paint, subtle wheels, and airbags, the van looks a lot better.

Damn, if you think the girls liked it then, LOOK OUT.


I'm assuming the cnt means "can't," but after these photos, I'm not sure anymore.


If you ask me, I like it. That T-bone was the best thing to happen to Cntwlk's ride.

And remember, don't be an asshat. You never know what kind of booty is going to fall out of one of these things..