This week we have S3LFMADE_S3LFPAID's 2010 Honda Accord Crosstour

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Last week, I hope we all learned our lesson to bring a decent camera to a photoshoot. With a Charger that sweet, there's always nakedtime in the forecast.

Some say the Crosstour is the answer to a question that nobody asked, and that no one buys them. All I know, is that this is "The rawest CT ever modified, yes its a Crosstour"


This just isn't a Crosstour, it's an "Accord Crosstour". This is a pre-2012 model, which was before they dropped the "Accord" prefix. Honda thought dropping the name and just calling it "Crosstour" would butch it up a bit.


It helped a little with sales, but with 28,851 units sold in 2010, I think that's the best year the Crosstour is going to have.

What will 2014 and beyond have in store for this misunderstood beast? If Honda can't save it, can the aftermarket?