This week, we have gtx510's 1988 Mazda 323 GTX

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Last week, in honor of the dying Paceman, we featured Tuff_Bird's recipe for DIY hearse headlights, and the lady that loved it.

Why a Mazda 323 GTX? Because possible Jalopnik project??


What's a 323 GTX? Oh, it's just a TOTALLY AWESOME FIA Rally homologation car Mazda made in the late 80s. Link

Why Marlboro? Because, well.... I might be wrong, but I think if you use a pack of reds as a unit of measure, gtx510 might be a smoker.


He could save a fortune if he picked up a sponsor. If he's still alive, that is.


This upload was captioned:

'These are the best pic of me I could find."


Rally drivers can really scare me sometimes.