This week we have mdiggy's 2004 Nissan Maxima "AIR MAX"

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Last week we featured a car so far north, they probably buy their milk in bags.

Today's profile may feature a Maxima, but not just any Maxima. This is MDiggy's AIR Maxima. What's "AIR" about this Car? Could it be a tribute to Michael Jordan? Could it be an acronym for Absolutely Irresistible Ride? Awesome Imported Racecar?


Let's take a walk through the gallery and see if we can solve this puzzle.

New wheels, suicide rear doors. No AIR here.


HI PROFILE truck swag (with ride along technician) Still no AIR


AIR-less knee TVs...

A SHO-ME 30.2100 Full-Feature Siren complete with

  • Eight operational modes: Wail, Yelp, Air Horn, Phaser, Intersection Mode, Tap, Standby and Radio Rebroadcast
  • Tap and Air Horn modes are horn-ring adaptable.
  • Intersection mode alternates the Yelp, Phaser and Air Horn tones.
  • Illuminated faceplate has a rotary switch for mode selection; three push-button switches for Air Horn, Phaser, & Intersection features; an ON / OFF dial with adjustable volume control; and a noise-canceling PA microphone.


While there's a switch for an "Air Horn," I don't think that's it.

Windows XP. ..with a wireless card. Maybe that's the AIR?


Not sure what BangBros has to do with AIR... but it's streaming just about everywhere.

I think I might have figured it out. Open AIR motoring.


Doesn't look like there is a top, so it's always open AIR for Mdiggy.

You know what that means! Porn for everyone!


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