This week we have Catchster's 2008 Nissan Altima "C-Star Sport"

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Last week, we featured a Sebring on holiday. It's anyone's guess why they chose to drive to Italy.

This week comes to us from Hialeah, FL, a major municipality within Greater Miami.


Not only does Hialeah, FL give Catcher access to the beautiful backdrop for our photo shoot, it's also very near this place called "Opa-locka."

I wonder how one could get authorship there.


Back to Catchster's Altima.

There is a short list of mods to his car. While not everyone's style, they seem to be done reasonably well:

  • The Black & Pearl White 5 process paint? Not bad.
  • The blacked out front HID's and tails? Not too tacky.
  • 20 inch DropStars? Not my style, but OK.
  • The C-Star Logo on the trunk lid? looks pretty straight...


Then there's the fitment of the 2 tone Stillen Front Fascia. Oh Catchster..... All that work, and our eyes are drawn straight to that gap. That horrible hood gap.

I don't know if it's the hood or the new fascia, but it's huge.


It seems to fit OK to the fender, so what went wrong?

Gotta be at least an inch.


I can't take my eyes off of it.

It's almost like the fascia melted in the Florida sun, or he ran out of fasteners/fascia glue.


My eyes!


Maybe there's something* worth while in the gallery, to look at. I just couldn't take my eyes off that horrible fitment detail to see anything else.

*If there is, post it in the comments.