CarDomaining - "Where Are They Now" Edition

Welcome to CarDomaning, the activity of searching the abandoned, left-for-dead CarDomain profiles that time forgot for interesting cars, projects, personalities, and images. ….then posting them here.

Ever wondered what has become of the cars, and their owners since they last logged into these profiles? Since most of these were last updated when George W. was in office, I can’t help but to wonder what ever became of them.


Are they still into the hobby? Have they since graduated to a minivan or some bloated trucklet? Do they stick with a particular brand/model or move on to something else?

Today, some one of these questions can be answered. Last week, one of the profile owners came across their edition of CarDomaining here in Oppositelock, and created an account to say hi.

We featured Blaze’s 1985 Fiero back in March of 2014

(placeholder for photos or more updates here if he writes back.)

OK, it’s been a month. Blaze is a busy man, and the above reply is all we have for an update .


I’m not sure it’s much of an update though, since I can’t tell which one of these accounts (CarDomain or Instagram) was updated last.


Long live the king.

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