This week we have robs495's 1983 Dodge Omni - - Complete Restoration

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Last week, we enjoyed a little slice of Gibson, GA the home of the 1,000 foot DragonVagita stare

Meet Rob495. He's from Gibsonia, PA and came across a pretty decent Omni. Why? I have no idea. What we do know, is what he did with it.


The formatting of these pages took a dump when they redesigned the site, but if you scroll through his gallery, there are some captions on what he went through. Rare NOS woodgrain storage consoles? The 1983 Optional Premium Exterior package? factory luggage rack? This guy did it right.

He even said:

All parts were NOS Mopar parts found through the locator sites or through Chrysler's parts locator service.


That's dedication. Just trying to figure out why.



I'm really glad he saved it, as this would probably get the most attention from me at a car show.

It doesn't explain why he did it.