Career question for Engineers or those who hire them

Don't want my career to end up like this:

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Would it be a good idea or terrible one to go from being a salaried engineer in a role that requires a 4-year engineering degree, to a hourly "engineer" (really a tech 3 or 4) job.

Key points:

  • There would be a 50-75% increase in income in going to the hourly job
  • I'm really ready to leave the company I currently work for
  • Current company offers little in the way of potential for advancement
  • prospective company is tremendous and has many long-term options
  • I plan on getting my PE, which requires 4 years of "progressive engineering experience", and although this position may be progress in some ways, it would be a regress in others.

I'm thinking there's little risk, other than perhaps the new job somehow not working out before I get a promotion and needing to look for a job with what is basically a tech job as the most recent thing on my résumé.

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