Has anyone ever successfully gotten a Carfax report error resolved? I looking at swapping my Taco for a full-size and today a dealership tells me my truck has structural damage. I can assure you it does not. It was hailed on and repaired at a local autobody shop.

Anyway. Filed a complaint/revision request with Carfax but I don’t have high hopes. How do you prove a negative? More over, if I get the truck inspected and submit it, there’s no guarantee that Carfax will do anything. I suspect they would not reimburse me for their error and costs associated with getting it fixed.


I doubt I could sue them as they state their reports are not 100% guaranteed. Even still, a dealership won’t take it in on a reasonable trade because of the “structural damage.”

The trade-in difference between a damaged truck and non-damaged is 10-12K.

For your time.

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