Since I’ve fallen into the Subaru stereotype of having a rooftop cargo carrier, I realized that I needed a place to get it out of the way for the month-long intervals between use. Supposedly Thule doesn’t want it stored on end on the ground, presumably because the shape may deform (which I can imagine in my uninsulated garage in the full Carolina summer). So I got a fairly cheap hoist from Amazon and installed it yesterday. It works rather well.

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There is some concern that this system ($40), unlike the $200 Thule hoist system, may deform the box because of the straps. However, the recommended-by-users fix is to have the strap go around a long 2x4 or similar piece of wood under the box, spreading out the straps, which I plan to do in the near future.

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Clearly I won’t be placing it straight on to the roof rack from the hoist. It will be lowered with the car out of the garage, then taken off the hoist and placed on the roof rack. The orientation of the hoist is largely because I preferred to have the brackets be screwed straight into the ceiling joist rather than spin the hoist 90 degrees, in line with the car, but requiring the addition of something to span the joists. It is awkward enough to lower it without having to work around a car anyway.

Only one sticker so far, but we will work on upping our stereotype game.

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