Carib, Caribbean lager

A colleague of mine who comes from Trinidad gave me a bottle of Carib to try.

It’s tastes familiar but I can’t quite place it, certainly tastes like a Dutch lager.


My colleague, Sheila is a bit of a character. She’s in her 50s and has been living in the U.K. for at least seven years. Last month she became a British citizen and a week and a half ago she got her British passport.

She’s very proud to be British but unfortunately her father didn’t live long enough to see her get it. She hopes travelling to Trinidad to see family from time to time will get easier. Because a few months ago while transiting to Trinidad via Florida, TSA took her to one side and asked for her VISA documents, she told them that she doesn’t need one as she’s transiting to Trinidad from the U.K.. They then asked her intentions and told her she can’t leave the airport and live in America. After telling her she’s being watched and not wanted in America and will be arrested if she tried and her telling them and showing them her tickets and passport showing previous trips to and from Trinidad they eventually let her go, but not soon enough to get her connecting flight, with very little money on her a neighbour back in the U.K. gave her some money and bought her a new ticket for the final flight as the airline told her they wouldn’t transfer her to the next flight because she was classed as a no show at the gate and would have to buy another ticket.

The reason the passport and her father are of significance is that she was flying to Trinidad to attend her father’s funeral.

At a time like that, she really didn’t need some idiot with a badge who couldn’t comprehend how to do his job, being an arse trying to show his power.


I hope she see’s that a-hole next time, shows her British passport and thinks, ‘go f**k yourself a-hole’.

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