Note: Travel agencies ... why do they still exist? I got quoted for a travel package from one agency that was $200 higher than what Expedia offered.

So, I'm planning on possibly visiting Jamaica for the first time and I'm looking for the best time to buy. I know with flights that they typically are at their cheapest 6-8 weeks out from your travel date but I'm wondering if the same holds for resorts or possibly is it the opposite?

My travel date would be from June 7th to June 13th and the resort (if anyone has any specific experience with them) would be Riu Palace Tropical Bay.

Right now Expedia is showing around $1700 for the week with flight and car for that resort, how cheap could this get? Will it get any cheaper? I know it's a gamble anytime you wait, but in general I think booking this far out will result in buyer's remorse when I see I could have done it better.