Carmax Lexus RC F

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Talk about an odd car to run into two spaces away from a Cobalt. Lexus RC F with 2,000 miles for two bucks under $66k. By the way, has anyone else noticed how many RC models are on their roads? I see more of these coupes than I do the NX. It’s like there was pent up demand for a Lexus coupe.


Well now I’m wondering what the Lexus convertible will be designated. Could the SC return as a hardtop convertible between the RC and LC coupes? Or will they have to say an RC-C or bring back the IS-C?

By the way, do people not buy cars without black interiors? I found myself in love with the Acuras and Buicks on the lot because they were the only models with light interiors. It’s nice to see a car that doesn’t look like a dungeon, but I’m old skool like that.

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