Inspired by yesterday's awesome article, I have spent WAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYY too much time on Carmax finding near-super car performance that Carmax will soundly regret selling me. Rule #1 sub 50K. Rule #2 you would have to be willing to pay the normal maintenance that falls outside the extended warranty. That's it- let's ruin Carmax's Q1 financials!

My entry:

2005 Mercedes-Benz SL65 AMG 2D Convertible…

Why selected:

  • Engine6.0L engine
  • Cylinders12 cylinders
  • Horsepower604 horsepower@5500rpm
  • Torque738 torque@3000rpm

Add in the folding metal top (better to listen to that insane engine).

And look it it- sploosh!